Longship Communication's Privacy Policy as of 2019-08-09


We at Longship are big proponents of using marketing data to inform communications—no surprise there. But we also strongly support our customers’ and website visitors’ right to privacy as well as compliance with applicable regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the ePrivacy Directive (Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC). This Privacy Policy represents our best efforts to honor both of these goals.

Responsible party

James Allen owns and operates https://www.longshipcomm.com.

Anonymized data

We use Google Analytics, website data tracking software, to better understand our visitors and their behavior on our site. This allows us to improve our site’s content and structure, ensure that the site is functioning properly, and refine the services that we offer. We have configured Google Analytics to only collect anonymized data unless a visitor has consented to cookies on our cookie notice. If you object to these Google cookies collecting anonymized data, you can download Google’s browser add-on that prevents them, here.

Longship also uses Hotjar software to track how site visitors engage with the site and provide analytics. This information helps ensure that our site is functioning properly, its structure is intuitive, and its content is helpful. We have configured Hotjar to only collect anonymized data. You can opt-out of Hotjar cookies by visiting their Opt-Out page and either clicking “Disable Hotjar” or enabling “Do Not Track” in your browser.

Pseudo-anonymized and personally identifiable Information

If our website visitors click “ACCEPT” on the cookie notice where the link to this Privacy Policy is found, they are deemed to have given affirmative consent to receive cookies that convey psuedo-anonymized or potentially personally identifiable data. Longship Communications will never attempt to identify a particular user from data derived from these cookies but instead only use the data in either an automated or aggregated manner. These cookies come from Google, Hotjar, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Google: Google Analytics cookies enable gather additional demographics data when a user has consented. This helps us get a better idea of who is using our website, like where they are when accessing it. This enhanced data also enables targeted advertising and remarketing within the Google ecosystem which lets us respectfully focus our efforts on those people who are interested in what we offer.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: The Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pixels set cookies on the browsers of users of their services that will return information to those platforms when users visit them (the Facebook cookie also returns information to Instagram). Longship uses these pixels to gain audience insights on those platforms and to engage in targeted advertising.  

Website visitors may voluntarily provide email addresses, phone numbers, names, or other personally identifiable information through the website by, e.g,, sending us a message through a form or posting a comment. Current and potential clients also provide personal information in the course of business through other media as well, including email. 

Data security and restricted access

Active security measures such as firewalls, encryption, and two-stage authentication protect all website visitor and client information. To ensure regulatory compliance, we store client and analytics data on servers and other computer hardware within the EU. We restrict access to all personally identifiable information to those working directly for or on behalf of Longship Communications in furtherance of either the aims stated above or business conducted with our clients, and to those entities providing necessary services for conducting business, such as a bank. This information is shared on a “need to know” basis: we will only share with each authorized party the information necessary to perform one or more of the functions described above. Longship will never sell or transfer personally identifiable information to additional third parties; however, we will comply with applicable law if so compelled by the relevant governing authorities.

Storage term

Cookies from the above-mentioned software are stored for no more than one year. Information voluntarily provided by current or potential clients is kept indefinitely for the purpose of continuing business. Aggregated historical analytics data is integral to identifying trends, refining business processes, and continuously improving the website and its content, and so is also kept indefinitely. Blog comments are inherent to the medium and something on which other readers and commenters rely, so are maintained indefinitely as well.

Your right to be forgotten

We are happy to delete any personally identifiable information upon request, as is the right of the individual to whom the information pertains, by contacting us at info@longshipcomm.com. However, we reserve the right to ask for verification of the requestor’s identity and charge a reasonable hourly rate for our attempts at compliance should the request be unfounded or made under false pretenses.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at info@longshipcomm.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.