Our Crew

We’re a lean operation of experts, each with over a decade of experience doing what we love and excel at.

Our clients receive the full attention of the right person when they need it.

No extra people. No extra cost. No juniors.

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James Allen

Founder, Copy, Communications, and Digital Marketing

James started writing ad copy way back in 2003. He gained valuable international business experience in New York and Sweden, and uses his law degree to good effect when writing transactional, compliance, and HR documents. But starting Longship Communications in 2014 has been his most rewarding and enjoyable professional endeavor by far. James loses himself in ancient archaeology, uses outdoor sports to stay sane, and has been following electronic music since Americans thought it was weird.


Kyle Hagen

Senior Editor

Kyle has worked as a managing/senior editor for 13 years, for popular employment websites and a high-volume editing firm. He excels at raising commercial and academic texts to their highest potential, immediately catching their flaws and recognizing their strengths. But Kyle’s not only cerebral—he spends his weekends playing guitar and singing with his rock band in local clubs.


Jeremias Manzur-Sottile

Commercial Expert

Jeremias lives in Oslo but has also called Chile and the US his home. He has worked for 11 years as an attorney and commercial manager for both multinational businesses and law firms—he’s the go-to guy for high-value deals in exotic lands and is an expert in both common and civil business law. When he’s not negotiating, you can hear Jeremias jamming on the guitar, catch him surfing at the beach, or see his back as he passes you on a ski run.