We carry your voice abroad

Smarter English copywriting,
corporate communications, and digital marketing for Europe's finest institutions

Let's Put it in perspective

What will the best copywriting and corporate communications give you?

  • Videos with more than a million views
  • Social ads that convert twice as well
  • Search results on the first page, that users click on
  • Customer cost-per-acquisition cut in half
  • Deal whales you’ve been chasing that finally close
  • Customers that know how to use your product and why it’s better – and so don’t churn
  • Employees who support your values and stick around

You need a communications partner who has done all this and more for companies like yours. 

Longship’s native English writers have decades of experience delivering winning communications projects in Europe, the US, and Asia. If you can think of it, we’ve done it. 

Based in Sweden, we carry your voice abroad.

What Our Clients Say

Coming from such talented people, this is high praise indeed! We’re flattered. 

more than wordsmiths

Brilliant writing takes you only so far

We don’t create art for art’s sake. We make targeted readers take specific actions. 

Mastering the English language and learning how to channel it into winning copywriting, content, and communications takes decades. But even this isn’t enough. 

You must first identify and understand your audience: the style and tone they respond to, the problems they need to solve, and the information they need to make that important decision.  

Data and research carry you the rest of the waY

Longship pairs thorough research with data analysis to gain critical insights into concepts and audiences. We see what’s working, what’s not, and figure out why. Because the more informed, or “smarter,” a communication is, the more effective it is at captivating your readers.

Flawless English and smart communications carry our clients beyond their goals . . . and the competition.

Longship's 8 Focus Areas

We help our clients engage all their stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. From copywriting to correspondence, content writing to contracts, it’s all connected.

Hover over each tile to see in detail what Longship has successfully done before—and does for its clients today.



Website text
Advertisements (print and digital)
Video scripts
Social posts
SEM copy
Poduct descriptions
Product and service brochures (print and digital)

Content Writing

Content Writing

Blog posts
Content management: concept, engagement and conversion analyses Trending topic analysis

External Corporate Communications

External Correspondence

RFP responses
Grant applications
Press releases
Crisis communications
Annual report, shareholder, and other compliance documents
Tutorials / user guides (digital and in-app)

Internal Corporate Communications

Internal Corporate Correspondence

Mission and value statements
HR / employee training materials
Process documents

Brand and Marketing Strategy

Brand and marketing strategy

Market and product positioning
Value proposition and USPs
Competitor analysis
Style guide
Tone of voice
Mission and values

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

Managing, teaching, and inspiring creative staff

Digital, print, video, and audio concepts, direction, and delivery reviews

Legal and Contracts

Legal and Contracts

GDPR, IP (licensing, attribution, acquisition, fair use), Truth in advertising, Cease-and-desist
Supply, Distribution, Employment, EULA, Acquisition / Asset purchase (including IP)



Marketing, sales, and corporate communications

Journal articles

Theses and dissertations

We Navigate by Sunstone™

Longship manages projects according to our proprietary sunstone methodology

Nordic seafarers used a prismatic crystal, the sunstone, to locate the sun even on cloudy days and still be able to navigate. Longship’s Sunstone provides a roadmap for copywriting, content writing, and corporate communications projects of all sizes, and flexibly adapts to any processes the client already follows.

This battle-tested methodology offers much more than just a breakdown of project stages. It supplies the framework on which to structure collaboration with the client, best practices for each stage, checklists to confirm progress, and common pitfalls to avoid. And the benefits?

  • Eliminating surprises with clearly defined responsibilities and deliverables 
  • Minimizing delays by identifying the necessary people and data right from the start
  • Meeting deadlines through reliable project planning
  • Reducing overall project cost and duration with efficient workflows 
Projects can be complex. Sunstone charts the course.

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”

– W. Somerset Maugham